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 March 27th from 9:30 AM the next meeting of the MERRPS expert platform will take place at the NIMH and will focus on expanding the platform by other experts from various diagnostic groups, planning the training of service providers to work with methodology made for service evaluation and co-operation with reform projects.

In December, the meeting was held in a small workgroup. It focused on the mental health service economy and signal codes of the insurance companies for CMHC procedures.

 The 10th meeting of the MERRPS expert platform took place on Tuesday, November 28th. It was devoted to indicators of quality of care at the macro level (based on the structure made for the Recommended Psychiatric Care Practices).

 Petr Winkler, in collaboration with the research team worked out the chapter ‘‘Evaluation of Quality of Psychiatric Care‘‘ for the 5th Edition of Recommended Psychiatric Care Practices.

 The next meeting of the expert platform will take place on September 26 and will focus on assessment of mental health care and dimensions of care.

 There are no all platform meetings held during July and August held. Instead, meetings in small workgroups (mental health economics and care providers, users and families) take place.

 June 14 to June 16 workshops for the research team and members of the MERRPS expert platform were held by the international supervisors of the project Dr. Dan Chisholm, prof. Norman Sartorius a prof. Wolfgang Gaebel. 

Our guests shared their knowledge and experience regarding monitoring, evaluation and development of mental health care. We discussed possibilities of foreign cooperation and the current problems of the psychiatric care reform in the Czech Republic.

 June 16th from 9:30 AM a 5th meeting of the MERRPS expert platform will take place at the NIMH.

Program of the meeting:

  • how to identify effective intervention in mental health care
  • economics of mental health care
  • quality of care indicators

  As a part of the project, we are preparing a structure for an intended periodic publication “A report on a state of psychiatric care in the Czech Republic”.